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BarberStreet 23 Irish Terriers

Our Dogs

 Irish Terriers

BarberStreet 23 Exactly Cassin (Aero)

1999 -
(Cassidy z Perslu x Borah Ariva)
CAJC, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Junior Champion CZ
Materialized BarberStreet breeding philosophy. Nice show dog with perfect temperament  (e.g. Exc.2 on European Dog Show Poznan) as well as perfect working dog. First slovak BOB on Czech Club and Special Terrier shows.
Sire of  Megy Hradna Studna and 5 her littermates.
Lives in Austria with Dr.Stenner family.

Megy Hradna Studna (Maggie)

2001 - 
(BarberStreet 23 Exactly Cassin x Emisar Grafitti)
Slovak Champion, CACIB, BOB
Nice daughter of Aero. Successful show dog (alhough she spent only 2 years in the ring, she was able to beat any superchampion) and perfect companion.. Unfortunately she had no offspring. She lives with her owner Lucia.
The picture: Nitra 2004. Maggie on the left, Basia on the right side. Maggie Slovak Champion, Basia BIS veteran on Slovak Terrier Club Show. Photo: (probably) Andrea Skrzekova


Upgrade v.Koudenhoven (Erin)

2009 -
(Give z Perslu x Summerbreeze v.Koudenhoven)
Our youngster.
Shown only time to time. CAC, CACIB, BOB






Norwich Terriers

Bhelliom Campari Stack's (Mia) 

2007 -
(Asterix Bywalk du pre de la Croix Verte x Bhelliom Apricot Brandy) 
BIS Puppy International Show Bratislava
excellent on World Dog Show 2009 Bratislava
Our test Norwich :-). Showed only few times. Her show time will come.
Trained intensive for dog trekking.
Perfect companion in all in- and outdoor activities. Natural antidepressant..
photo: Zuzana Kotrhova,