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BarberStreet 23 Irish Terriers


International co-operation is for Irish Terriers breeders essencial. The reason is at a glance: to keep the genetic diversity to breed sound and temperament dogs. We drive thousand of kilometers to use preferred sire, exchange puppies and share our success as well as the problems. Nothing untypical in dog world. But the most valuable benefit of our co-operation is that Irish Terrier breeders and owners are mostly the same "blood-group" so true friendships are not the exception.

During my years spent with Irish Terriers I had the luck for perfect people - experienced breeders which shared their knowledge and friendship with me. I'd like to mention some of them.
Anne D. Schans "Rufus" - we know each other since 1996. She changed complete my view on Irish. I always admired her independent view, irish hearth, and the ability to fight for her ideas. When I met her she was and "outlaw" in german Irish community because of her "experiments" with "mongrels" (see last paragraph in section "Present", chapter Early 90's) and the open view on the disease "time bombs" hidden in irish lines. The time showed she was right. When many Irish breeders (which strongly criticised her before) started to use and overuse american and MM lines, she was courageous enough to return to old german irish lines to keep the balance. At the moment she is one of the top german breeders. But instead of enjoying the fame she is trying to find new directions in IT breeding. As usually - always one step ahead.
I thank Dorle for Cedric, Byron I and Cassidy. I trust she is thanking me for Byron II . I enjoy thousands of e-mails, endless discussions when we met personnaly, Cassidy's and Byron's wins on Bundessieger, her help to find the stud dog for Basia and other nice moments. I enjoy her proposal to take the best puppy from her best litter for symbolic price some years ago. I never forget it.

Peter Jaspers "van Koudenhoven" - almost 40 years of experience, ingenious eye on Irish, best teacher I can imagine. Although irish purist  when we met, he was able to accept the advantages of balanced mix of irish and american blood. We developed close co-operation during the years: in 2000 I exported Denny and Diadem z Perslu (grand sons of his famous Prins Paljan) to Netherland and Denny became the famous show dog and interesting stud dog. In 2007 we exchanged Uelis Akil to Pride Uelis van Koudenhoven (for kennel Uelis)- and she became Junior Europen Winner in 2008. Our last deal was exchange Give z Perslu - Spitfire van Koudenhoven (for kennel Z Perslu). Both are successful on shows in Czech and Netherlands. On this last exchange I specially appreciate two facts: although Spitfire is probably the best dog bred by Peter, he didn't cancel our agreement; and, I am glad that Peter decided to import half-american Give. Last result of our co-operation is new irish female for BarberStreet 23 kennel: Upgrade van Koudenhoven (by Give and Speedy's sister Ashley)
van Koudenhoven web page:
 Vera and Josef Sršeň "Z Peršlu" - our Basia and their Bona Florex were competitors but we became good friends. Especially with Vera we drove thousands of kilometers across Europe for dog shows and matings. They obtained famous "D" litter by our Cedric, I obtained Aero by their Cassidy. And so on. I appreciate their clear breeders philosophy, enthusiasm and the ability to adopt unbelievable amount of Irish Terriers (at the moment they have 11 at home) - regardless if they are superchampions or pets.Their dogs are simply family friends and stay in good or bad times. I think now the good times are comming.
Z Peršlu web page:
I enjoy dog shows but not for titles and competition but because Ilike to meet some people. Some of them are not Irish breeders but they have big influence on my view on dogs. Let me introduce some of them:
Zuzana Ciganikova "Bhelliom" - experienced and successful breeder of kerry blue, fox- and norwich terrier. As a veterinarian she takes care on   the health of our dogs. I have a lot to learn from her breeders instincts. I thank her for our Norwich Mia.
Bhelliom web page:
 Zuzana Kotrhova "Stack's" - she is breeding and showing dogs for years although she is quite young. Her primary "job" are kerry blue and norwich terriers but now she tried to start with something more special: soon we can wait for first Irish terrier litter in her kennel.
Stack's web page: