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BarberStreet 23 Irish Terriers

BarberStreet team
BarberStreet team presents:
Information Security Professional slightly out of warranty period. In BarberStreet team acting as decision maker, analyst, trainer, handler, driver, etc... all what is necessary (as the other members of family say: "your dogs, your problem..."
The administration of this pages came automatically (because of his profession).
Social Services Manager in best age. Originally she hated dogs but during years she went from hate through indifference to incospicuous love. In BarberStreet team acting as Manager for food and other properties and technical support.
She is also decision maker how many dogs we can have at home.
The youngest child of  previously presented persons. Although his usual statement is: " dogs please..." he likes them. Without his help with walking  and feeding we could close our kennel in few days.
He is also extremly helpful as a ever-ready reviewer of his father's dreams and ideas. It's always fine to have somebody who is able to bring you back to the earth.