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BarberStreet 23 Irish Terriers


Irish Terriers

Tavari - one of leading Irish Terrier kennel in Slovak Republic
Ponny Express - another leading Irish Terrier kennel in Slovak Republic
Uelis - not long history but good results and high ambitions; Brano Polak, Slovak Republic
Saint Devills - Jana Zajacova, young, but enthusiastic breeder, Slovak Republic
Libik & Barakohar - our friend Tomas Slavik, scientist and IT breeder, Czech Republic
Fiery Lucifer - Zbynek Kubik, experienced Irish and Border Terrier breeder, Czech Republic
MerryMac - top winning IT kennel in last 15 years Gertrud & Thomas Hagstroem, Sweden
Fardarrigh - top Finish IT kennel with long history, Jetta Tschokkinen, Finland
von der Emsmuehle - top german IT kennel with long history, Germany
my celtic fellow - Maren Jurk, german IT breed advisor, Germany
kells - Kelly Wamsler, the breeder of some really important Irish, Germany
Red Factor - Ksenia Sizova, owner of Anluan Prince of Thieves (Tonic) -  Latvia
of the Red Energy - Jeanet/Hans de Feiter, kennel based on Irish Red and Koudenhoven dogs, Netherlands
Irish Terrier Community - probably most complete information about Irish Terriers on web
Other terriers
Cousin ITT - Andrea Skrzekova, former IT breeder. Now yorkshire terriers. Excellent groomer and photographer
Dot and Dash - Barbara Lamatova, excellent Sealyham Terrier breeder