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BarberStreet 23 Irish Terriers

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• Sisco  |  27.04.2013 04:50:10  |  IP: 207.119.---.---
Hello, My questions is the Black and Tan Irish Terrier I saw when I visit your page. Has he/she every been showed before. You have very sharp look dogs. Do you own any Black and Tan Irish. I have one but seem to be getting a lot of fuss out people telling me she is not a really Irish. So I was wondering if Black and Tan colores be on an Irish Terrier. Thank you for your time.

• Kelly Hair  |  07.06.2011 18:46:11  |  IP: 93.205.---.---
Saw your report on Nitra, as always, nice to get your take on things! Glad you liked Nana, I haven't seen her since she was a pup, her pictures looked nice on facebook.

• VAN LEEUWEN IRISH TERRIERS (THE DUTCHMAN  |  11.01.2011 23:58:33  |  IP: 86.173.---.---
hello, very interesting site can't wait till you finish the irish terrier history

best regards,

Jean Soeters

• Jozef  |  18.08.2010 18:03:08  |  IP: 195.146.---.---
Kelly, thank you for condolences.
Of course I\'ll continue with show reports. Erin will give me more opportunities in the future.

• Kelly Hair  |  17.08.2010 15:08:20  |  IP: 137.95.---.---
My sincere condolences for your loss of Basia.
• Kelly Hair  |  17.08.2010 15:04:13  |  IP: 137.95.---.---
Love your reviews of the judging, keep them coming, it gives me a good idea of who to show to and who to avoid! Your pup from Peter looks nice. You may want to check out Dan Sackos\' facebook page as he has a very nice photo of a Baystone Firehawk grandson, Jim. I\'m looking forward to seeing this dog at Montgomery this year.

• Jozef  |  26.05.2010 22:42:22  |  IP: 78.98.---.---
Hello Jan,
thank you for the link. Una looks very nice. My congratulation to perfect irish.

• Jan Van Ertvelde  |  26.05.2010 20:19:38  |  IP: 84.193.---.---

I send you this url-link with which you can view some photographs of Una (Ultra Red van Koudenhoven), a sister of Erin. I hope you enjoy it :

• Basia Lamatova  |  04.05.2010 13:02:04  |  IP: 195.91.---.---
Erin vyzera velmi velmi velmi dobre :-) Uz sa na nu tesim na zivo :-)

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