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BarberStreet 23 Irish Terriers


In this section there are archived information (former news :-)

13.04.2011 Good news from Netherlands

I just received some pictures of Diadem z Perslu (litterbrother of famous Denny, we exported  both in 2000 to Netherlands) by our Cedric and Bona Florex.

Diadem is 11 years old now. As Peter said: he is in very good shape, he is a big strong dog very healty and superb in character the owners are very very satisfied with him.

Quite  similar to his sire Cedric which is also healthy and active in age of 14.

Diadem is "just" companion of his owner, no big show cracker or so. For me he is equally important as his superchampion brother. Sometimes it makes sense to exchange also such "common" dogs and not only show stars. I trust Diadem is carrying goodwill of CZ/SK Irish in Netherlands as well (at least for his owners and other friends). I am really proud on him.


Photo: Peter Jaspers


30.03.2011 New direction in Irish Terrier breedingwink

My friend sent me some pictures of "Irish Terrier" comming time to time to her for grooming. Last year he was completely black, now he is more less wheaten but black moustache and completely strange expression as well as untypical nature (extremely self-confident, aggressive, pig-headed) tells that somenthing is not OK.

Because the breeder of this dog is also Jagterrier breeder, some answers could be in placecheeky .


OK sometimes such "improvement" could happen (we know about some mahagony, black-and-tan or red-white Irish in other breedings). But I don't believe this experiment could be helpful for Irish Terrier breeding. Fortunately this dog (although he has the pedigree) will never be used for breeding but I don't know about the littermates. If some female from the litter exists and is more red/wheaten it could be used in some hunting line. And we will have small, overangulated, perfectly sharp "Irish" in the breed wink.

Pictures: above: "Irish Terrier" we discussed, right: original Jagdterrier to compare.

Photo: Zuzana Kotrhova, Stack's, Internet






Bored from shows and other artificial events we used the short holliday for trip to the woods - no big sport performance, only walk and pick mushrooms. We chose our favourite area - Zahorie. Only 20-30km from Bratislava, no big hills, large pine- tree woods and a lot of mushrooms (of course when the conditions are OK).
We started early in the morning, pick some friends and went to our area. The journey was quite horrible - hundreds of cars and thousands of people used holliday to walk and pick mushrooms. On our place it was quite better - "only " 30 parked cars. But the woods are really large (more than 100km2) so there is enough place for all. The weather is fine so we are looking forward.
Sunny day, perfect smell of pine wood, moss like a carpet - it looks like a dream after the months of hard work without relax. Dogs are happy to run and enjoy the day with us. We come to interesting memorial from 19.century and decide which direction we will go. The direction and time frame must be set - it's quite easy to get lost in this area. So let's go.
We spent a lot of time to take pictures of trees, moss, mushrooms and other stupid things :-), some whiles we found for dog training. Most of the time we spent to talk with friends and to pick mushrooms - this season is simply great. Although we are not experienced professionals in this area we found hundreds of boletus and other. Mia and Erin were (after one hour of "useless" running and jumping) trying to assist. Sometimes successfully :-)
We spent half of the day in woods (as we said we didn't focus on sports, so we walked maybe only 8 - 10km,but Mia and Erin ran maybe 3-4 times more. The result of picking mushrooms was also not bad (see the picture). Quite tired but very happy we returned to the car and started the way home
In the afternoon we were back home, dogs slept the rest of the day and people have to conserve all these mushrooms (we finished in the night).
This day had no mistake. Lot of fun, small profit for people (3kg of mushrooms), very good training and new chinese crested friend for dogs.  When I compare with some dog shows it was much less expensive and stressful and much more relaxing for dogs and people. We have to think about and make some decission for the future :-)
In age of 15 years and 2 months our Basia (Borah Ariva) decided to go to Rainbow Bridge.  Although we understand  it was necessary we miss her. I think we never forget her. 
 Right: Basia in best show conformance, 1998
Photo: Andrea Skrzekova, Readog
 Left: Basia in age of 15,  2010
Photo: BarberStreet23 archive


First week of Erin in BarberStreet gang
 1. first contact and accomodation of Erin to older members of BarberStreet group: when we came home, both older dogs Mia and Basia started to interest in new small red alien. Of couse human members of family were available to help with first contacts. Mia had problem maybe 10 seconds - than she recognized Erin as a perfect new toy and later good companion for running, fighting and other forms of destruction of our home. Basia had another approach: in few moments she recognized new female irish and tried to elliminate her. Fortunately we were successful to explain Basia that she is and will be forever No.1, so she tolerated Erin every day more and more. From smooth attacks to barking during the meal and avoiding the youngster to drink from common dish, through ignoration to current toleration . Summary: now all BarberStreet dogs are able to exist in common space without problems and the interference of humans (plus Basia is eating much more than before and her dystrophy stopped tor the time.
2. places for living:  because of many reasons we exist on both places: in appartment in Bratislava and in our new house in Kaplna as well. Erin obtains new information for her life - how to use lift, how to react on the number of unknown people and dogs, to be aware of cars and buses in Bratislava, how to run in fields, to "hunt" rabbits and pheasants, to watch from the house platform and bark on all "enemies" icomming to our house. I think both environments have positive influence on Erins socialization. And extra benefit: Erin is experienced and happy passenger in our car.
 3. Erin as a benfit for BarberStreet company:
minus (-) : (*) its not very easy to walk with all 3 dogs - so we need much more time in the morning. When one human is busy or ill, for others it could be problem; (**) when Mia and Erin start to run and fight, the probability of disaster is very high
plus (+): (*) perfect fitness training: Erin with her temperament is able to ruin physical potential of all. (**) new inputs: Erin with her ability to think out new and new things enforces to think and react on these inputs. I think we feel younger after this week (***) because Erin is very nice puppy, we are praised every day by unknown people and that's fine
More pictures will come soon
Finaly we decided to make the trip to Germany and Netherlands. (We means me - Jozef, and Brano Polak - kennel Uelis). On 8.04.2010 we started to the 2500km long journey with following goals:
1. to take Erin (Upgrade v.Koudenhoven)
2. to bring Yentl (Charlotte z Perslu) to her new owners (of the Red Energy kennel)
3. to visit Dorle Schans and see her last litter by Tonic
In the night the roads are almost empty so Friday morning (as we promissed) we are in Menslage on Dorle's place. Peter is comming soon so we can start to admire the last Rufus litter: all puppies are very similar in type and we like them very much. My temptation to have Tonic son from next Rufus litter in Slovakia is really high now. Also Yentl was admired by all. We found enough time to discuss about our hobby - Irish  terriers and to eat something. But time is running - so we take some documentation pictures and starting the way to Netherlands with Peter as a experienced navigator. First goal fulfilled.
In Koudenhoven we are invited by the complete IT gang: Give, Kuno, Ita, Ashley, Twinkle as well as the senior Hasel. And of course - our small Erin. Yentl is enjoying the hospitality of Jaspers house - after some minutes she acts as a boss of the gang (she took all toys and goodies for herself). OK - new owners will have a funny life with her.
Soon the new owners - de Feiter family -are comming. Yentl took their hearts on the first view - so second goal fulfilled as well and we can enjoy nice evening. We talk and talk - of course about Irish Terriers.
Early in the morning we prepare for the journey back to Slovakia. We thank Jaspers family for their hospitality and of couse for Erin and start to drive on endless highways. After 12 hours - almost at midnight we are back in Bratislava. Third goal fulfilled.
Summary: we spent perfect days with nice people and their dogs. We completed 2 exchanges of Irish Terriers and saw very quality Irish puppies. Maybe I am mad but thanks God I have the chance to meet equally mad people worldwide. And for me this is the right spice of life.
 photo: Anne D.Schans, Toos Jaspers
Another example of our international work: BarberStreet23 in cooperation with v.Koudenhoven and Z Perslu kennels prepares the export of  czech female puppy by Speedy to Netherlands kennel of the Red Energy. The puppy is already chosen, she is trained to her dutch name Jentel and is growing to nice Irish. At least the harmonic body and long neck are Speedy's legacy. We trust she will good representative of Czech breeding and international exchange of dogs in Netherlands.
Jentel was born in December 2010 and she will go to the new owners at the end of March.
Photo: Vera Srsnova
Good news from Koudenhoven: Erin is developing well, she is the true IRISH. As Peter supposed she is the best one from the litter. I especially appreciate her expression and natural (not glued) ears. And what I like most: she has not weak point (OK something is excellent, something is good but nothing is really bad. )     I think Peter's breeding for standard Irish is completely successful.
Although Erin is not relative to current BarberStreet dogs, she is very similar in expression with Basia or Aero in this age. That means for me the real  UPGRADE of BarberStreet kennel.
We are looking forward to invite her in BarberStreet clan.
Erin's pedigree you can find here
Photo: Peter Jaspers
Good news from Holland: Uelis Akil aka Jip, exported there 2 years ago, is doing well after serious health problems. Really fine to hear such good news. He looks perfect - at the moment he is comparable with his famous champion brother Mischo (Uelis Alex).
Photo: Linda C. van Beekum
Interesting news from Germany: Dorle Schans made one of her interesting projects: australian dog "Tonic" (Anluan Prince of Thieves) mated  during the weekend her "Stella" (Rufus Ray of Light). Both are Champions   but mainly healthy and quality Irish Terries in terms of conformance and character.
The combination of bloodlines is interesting, some really valuable dogs in background from both sides (e.g. best MerryMac dogs) can bring also perfect show crackers. Let's hope everything will go perfectly and potential offspring will bring new quality to Irish Terrier scene.
More details and pictures you find on Rufus page, when you want to study the pedigree in detail, we recommend Pedigree service of Peter Jaspers.
Photo of Tonic: Anne D.Schans
Short return to the topic health of Irish Terriers (some time ago on my old as well as on Barakohar web page this was discussed very often and in detail). On you can read very easy-to-understand article about cystinurie of Irish Terriers. Some more detail info you can find also on Rufus web page. In my opinion very valuable information, unfortunately only in German language.
Peter Jaspers (v.Koudenhoven) visited us during his holliday in Czech. This small meeting (Koudenhoven-Z Perslu- BarberStreet) took place in Resice. Peter with his wife Toos came to see Srsen's Irish gang, to visit their Speedy and share information, opiniouns and plans regarding to Irish Terriers. 
We all were curious about Speedy's behaviour when he will see Peter. Speedy was first interested only in Peter's wife but at the end he came to Peter and his welcome was really nice (see picture left). He  really  enjoyed the presence of his old masters but he showed that his home is now in Resice. (see picture right).  
We spent nice time with talking about many aspects of our common hobby. We spoke a lot about the past, present, and little bit about our plans. We discussed about the specific issues of IT breeding, about experiences, usage of Irish for hunting etc.
Although we are able to talk hours and hours, Peter found the time to have a close look on the Srsen's IT gang (at the moment 3 males and 4 femals). He enjoyed the vitality of both veterans (Cassidy and Colette) , nice expression of Sppedy's companion Etna, very promissing development of the youngster Honey and especially good points of the relatives of his Give: perfect conformance of uncle Argos,  extraordinary power and spirit of mother Tara and elegance of  sister Gaia.  To see such number of dog's relatives always gives good information.
Although the sun was burning, we spent a lot of time in Srsen's "dog garden" by discussing, evaluating, photographing or simply playing with the Irish. I think we spent nice time there. But the time was running very quickly and we had to finish our meeting.
What this meeting brought?  First- we spent the perfect time with good friends. Second - we shared a lot of information, opinions and experience. Last, but not least - we discussed about the Peter's plans for the future and the possibility to import another Koudenhoven to our countries - but we will see what the future brings..